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        • Model:
        • Product Name:
          Wall-mounted automatic one-piece urinal
        • Size:
        • Water Inlet Requirement:
          0.07MPa(Dynamic Pressure)~0.75MPa(Static Pressure)
        • Water Efficiency:
          Grade 1
        • Nominal water consumption
        • Water inlet mode(s):
          Rear Water Spout
        • Sensing Distance:
          650mm away from the front of inductive window
        • Installation Type:
        • Power Source:
          AC Power Type
        • Remarks:
        • Technology:
        • Prizes:
          • iF award 2021
        • Integral design of inductor and urinal building more stylish public space
        • Carrying sterilized water can inhibit the adhesion of dirt in urinal trap.
        • Automatic flushing for 2 hours can inhibit the adhesion of urinary stones in the horizontal drainage pipe of urinal.
        • Low height design, meet the needs of more people
        • With CeFiONtect and smooth surface exceeding nanometer-class designed for providing , no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning , without need of excessive water and cleaning agent
        • Inductive flush without contact during the whole process, secure and sanitary for use
        • Interval flush with sanitizing flush keeps easy maintenance for drainage pipe.
        • The control part is on the top of the product, easy for maintenance.
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